my name is Newt. (He/They)
I am an illustrator & concept artist in TTRPGs and have a huge passion for creating gritty, witchy art with a focus on emotion, story and atmosphere.
I love taking inspiration from folklore and nature. Especially the old Slavic tales I grew up with, in the northeast of rural Czechia.
I studied printing and graphic design at the Václav Hollar's Secondary School of Art in Prague (2013 - 2017) and have been working freelance for six years now from which four have been full time so far.
My previous clients include Indie publishers and writers of TTRPG content: Hit Point Press, Fez Inkwright (Herbarium), Sara Thompson (Creator of the Combat Wheelchair), Eva Brown (Hidden Oddities: Witch's Primer) and Tabletop RPG streaming groups/companies (Critical Role, Roll4It, Tablestory, EncounterRP).
My passion is in depicting potent atmosphere and telling a story through my art and designs. I try to do that in every project I work on!
In my spare time I enjoy playing D&D and other TTRPGs with my friends, spending time in the woods or relaxing with all different kinds of crafts like sewing, herbalism, cosplay, or playing videogames.

Dont be afraid to send me a line over here: anna-dousova@email.cz
or contact me on my social media (@EyeOfTheNewt)
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