my name is Anna Doušová and I go by the nick name Newt.

I'm a fantasy illustrator & concept artist in TTRPGs and have a huge passion for storytelling.
I love creating gritty, witchy art with a focus on emotion, color and atmosphere.
I studied graphics and design at the Václav Hollar's Secondary School of Art in Prague (2013 - 2017) and have been working freelance for six years now from which four years have been full time so far.
My previous clients include Tabletop RPG streaming groups/companies (Critical Role, Roll4It, Tablestory, EncounterRP). And also indie writers and publishers of TTRPG content ( Sara Thompson (Creator of the Combat Wheelchair), Eva Brown (Hidden Oddities: Witch's Primer), Leith Brownlee (Fallen Stars RPG), Colin Kelly, Jim Mills, Scott Drew,... ).
My passion is in telling stories through my art and designs and I try to do that in every project I work on!
In my spare time I enjoy playing D&D and other TTRPGs with my friends or relaxing with all different kinds of crafts like sewing, bookbinding, embroidery, cosplay, and many more.
Dont be afraid to send me a line over here: anna-dousova@email.cz
or contact me on my social media (@annathenewt everywhere)
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