my name is Charlie Borovský, also known as ''Newt'' online.
I am a queer artist based in prague, working in TTRPGs, publishing and games. I have a soft spot for folklore, horror and overgrown nature in my work.
I studied printing and graphic design at the Václav Hollar's Secondary School of Art in Prague (2013 - 2017) and have been working freelance since then.
My previous clients in the TTRPG space include: Hit Point Press, Critical Role, Studio Agate, Crow & Crown (Herbarium) and Sara Thompson (Creator of the Combat Wheelchair).
In my spare time I enjoy playing D&D and other TTRPGs with my friends, spending time in the woods or relaxing with all different kinds of crafts like sewing, herbalism, cosplay, and playing video games.

Dont be afraid to send me a line over here: borovskycharlie@gmail.com
or contact me on my social media (@EyeOfTheNewt)
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